Our Story

Children in New York City are surrounded by art. They are inspired by music and dance, whether on Broadway or in the subway, and captivated by paintings and drawings, both in museums and on the street. While art has a constant presence in the city, the opportunities to appreciate it, and study it, are limited. Arts funding is often cut in schools, and, when kept, arts programs are under-prioritized and under-resourced. Art Adventures NYC was organized by high school students whose dedication to the arts are part of their identities. Our goal is to cultivate similar passions in young children by creating art opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable.

When the coronavirus pandemic began, creative spaces and studios were closed, and schools shifted their attention away from the arts. We were upset that we could not access the places and materials that we needed to practice art, but were more disappointed that the already limited creative opportunities for children were now increasingly constrained. We organized Art Adventures NYC to share our love and knowledge of the arts with elementary and middle school students. Children are provided a digital space where they can advance their skills, and openly express their thoughts, feelings and ideas, in a variety of artistic media. In this stressful time, it is essential that kids have creative outlets, and we are here to guide them as they navigate the arts.

Art Adventures NYC seeks to create an arts education that promotes equity and valuable learning above all else. All of our lessons are free, and taught daily on Google Meet. Each class requires minimal materials so that every child is able to participate and enjoy lessons to the fullest. We offer classes in studio art, dance, film, music, theater and creative writing. Our instructors are experienced artists who are students at Murrow, LaGuardia, Beacon and more.

Pablo Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” We want kids to explore their imaginations this summer, and develop their talents. Most people lose their interest in the arts as they get older, but Art Adventures NYC hopes to inspire children to always pursue their creative passions.