Winter/Spring Registration

The Winter/Spring session starts Monday, 1/18 and runs until Saturday, 3/20 (with the exception of holidays). Classes meet once a week at a regular time, and each class is about an hour long. Our classes are divided into two age groups: 5-9 year olds and 10-14 year olds, and we ask that you only sign your child up only for classes in their intended age range. Please note that all of our class are in English this semester.

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How does class registration work?

After-school classes meet once a week at the same time every week, and are around one hour long. Parents or legal guardians can register their child for as many classes as desired.

Registration is first come first serve. After registering your child for lessons, you will be sent a Google Meet link that is used to attend class.

Kindly note that our classes are only available to children who live in New York City and are between the ages of 5 and 14.

Our free virtual lessons cover a wide range of artistic media. Art Adventures NYC offers classes in studio art, dance, music, creative writing, theater and film.


Studio Art classes at Art Adventures NYC offer fun activities with minimal materials. Our art sessions aim to improve basic skills, and expand children's creativity. Classes include, but are not limited too: collage making, sketching, coloring, painting, cartoon making, and costuming.


Art Adventures offers dance classes in ballet, modern, hip -hop, creative movement and more. Children will learn the fundamentals of these techniques, while also applying their imagination and ideas to explore choreography.


Art Adventures NYC offers two types of music classes: vocal lessons, and lessons focused in rhythm and ear training. Our music classes don't require any instruments. The teachers in this course are avid singers and composers. Look out for sing-along sessions for your little ones!


Writing classes at Art Adventures NYC explore realms that push creativity. Children will study poetry, playwriting, short stories and more. Kids will experiment with writing techniques in a way that is more engaging and imaginative than in the classroom setting.


Theater classes at Art Adventures NYC bring words to life. Children can learn improvisation, Shakespeare, musical theater and other skills that are essential to acting. During the week, kids will practice a scene from a famous work, which will be performed for parents over Google Meet.


Our film classes provide a unique learning opportunity. Lessons will focus on building plots, character development, and screenwriting. Campers will watch short films, and utilize them to develop their own movie ideas.