Art Adventures NYC

Welcome to Art Adventures NYC!

We are a group of high school students offering free online lessons in studio art, dance, music, creative writing, theater and film to kids in New York City. In the midst of a pandemic, it is more important than ever that children have creative outlets to express their thoughts and ideas. With most after-school programs in the city being closed, we are providing an accessible and engaging arts education.

Our Mission: Art Adventures NYC strives to enable children from all backgrounds to explore their imaginations in a variety of artistic media during this challenging time.

"I've been lucky enough to experience arts instruction throughout my time in the NYC school system, but I know I am in the minority. I joined Art Adventures NYC because I'm passionate about working to remedy the vast inequities in our educational system. So many students are unable to receive the arts education they deserve, and arts funding is incredibly limited in this city."

-Sadie Lee, Creative Writing Instructor

"As a Black girl, I've found that art lets me be boundless, and I can express what makes me unique even if people don't recognize the beauty in who I am. I have been blessed to have access to programs that know the importance of providing art to all. It changes the way you see yourself in the world when you have the freedom to practice viewing things artistically. I hope this summer I get to help one kid feel more confident in who they are through art."

-Joelle François, Creative Writing, Dance and Film Instructor

"As the world becomes a more accepting place, it is important that accessibility and equity are prioritized in all aspects of life, including the arts. I am so proud to be a part of an arts program that is doing just that: ensuring that all kids have a strong education and creative outlet, even from home."

-Tess Walsh, Theater Instructor