Meet the Team

Jess Cohen

Co-director and Art Instructor

Jess grew up in Brooklyn and is a rising freshman at Denison University. She attended many local arts programs as a kid, and she has worked at various children's arts camps for five years. Jess always looks forward to teaching her costuming and dance classes.

Brianna Blue

Co-director and Head of Studio Arts

Brianna was born and raised in Brooklyn and is a rising freshman at Pratt Institute. She grew up with a strong passion for art and is continuing her studies in high school. Brianna has studied at the Pratt Institute in their Young Scholars Program, and had her artwork exhibited at the Metropolitan Musem, the Barclays Center, and soon the Capitol. Coming from a big family, she has learned to creatively engage kids in the arts.

Evelyn Finn-Wilson

Co-director and Theater Instructor

Evelyn is a rising junior at student at Edward R. Murrow High School, and is part of the screened theater program. She has been performing ever since she was a little kid, and has always loved it. She hopes to share her skills in theater and acting. She cannot wait to explore drama with kids.

Gabriella Begleiter

Spanish Lead and Art Instructor

Gabby is 18, and a rising freshman at Tufts University. She lives in Brooklyn, and spends her time tap dancing, playing trumpet, and hanging out with her two sisters. Gabby speaks fluent Spanish at home and is excited to be teaching her arts and crafts lessons in Spanish. Gabby will also teach creative writing this session.

Sabine Goldberg

Art Instructor

Sabine is a Brooklyn resident, and a rising senior at Edward R. Murrow High School. Growing up, Sabine was always creating craft projects. Since then, she has shared her love of art both as a camp counselor and babysitter. She is very excited to be on the Art Adventures NYC team!

Teeka Duplessis

Co-director and Art Instructor

Teeka was born and raised in Brooklyn and has been influenced by the art and life visible in every nook of the city. She grew up with a love for theater as a professional child actor. Now, a rising senior at Edward R. Murrow High School, Teeka explores her interests in art history and the great impact art has on society. She is beyond excited to teach with Art Adventures this semester and can't wait to learn with her students.

Madeline Boccone

Art Instructor

Madeline is currently a junior at Edward R. Murrow high school. She has a great passion for the arts and she's been drawing and writing since she can remember. Her writing has been published in Teen Ink magazine and her art has been displayed all over the halls of her school. She's a Brooklyn native and she cannot wait to teach picture book making this session!

Cal Fodor

Art Instructor

Cal is a rising freshman at Rutgers University. He lives in Brooklyn, and has been a fan of art and animation since he was young. In his spare time, he loves to draw, watch cartoons, and spend time with his friends. He plans to major in English and History, and Secondary Education. He is very excited be an Art Instructor this year!

Samiha Mizan

Art Instructor

Samiha is a rising junior at Edward R Murrow High School, and she loves art and writing. Samiha has been drawing ever since she was a kid, and she won a creative writing award when she was younger. She loves to create stories about fantasy worlds, so being able to teach one of her passions is exciting and she’s looking forward to it!

Nadra Ali

Art Instructor

Nadra is a rising senior in the screened visual arts program at Edward R. Murrow High School. She loves drawing, and is currently invested in digital art! Nadra enjoys baking and is an anime fanatic. She's excited to be a part of the Art Adventures Team.

Milo Smith

Art Instructor

Milo lives in Brooklyn and is a rising junior studying Fine Arts at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School for Music & Art. He loves to paint and draw, and he has recently been getting into digital art. Milo’s mom, who is an artist, introduced him to the beauty of art and has supported him through his artistic journey. Milo’s favorite pastimes are playing the guitar, drawing and listening to music. Milo has worked at camps before and he is thrilled to teach at Art Adventures NYC!

Trinity Ellis

Art Instructor

Trin is a rising freshman at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She has lived in Brooklyn her entire life with a big love for the city because of its culture in art, music and food. She had many skills in the arts from playing instruments and singing to pencils on paper, but it was always visual arts that she dreamed of pursuing. Her love for art is eternal and she hopes to share that with kids.

Ella Jasie

Vocal Instructor

Ella was born and raised in Brooklyn and is a rising junior at Edward R. Murrow High School. She is in her school's vocal program and has always had a deep passion for music. She loves dogs and arts and crafts, and she is beyond excited to sing and celebrate music with kids!

Ruby Feinstein

Music Instructor

Ruby is a vocal major at the Professional Performing Arts High School and has been living in New York her entire life. She has been singing and playing guitar since she turned seven-years-old. Ruby loves rock music and listens to Queen, The Beatles, ACDC, Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie and Jacob Collier! Ruby's passion is music and she loves bringing the joy of music into kids' lives.

Ellie Trinkle

Film Instructor

Ellie is a Brooklyn resident and a rising senior at Edward R. Murrow High School. She has loved theatre, film and music from a young age. She went to a performing arts camp for seven years where she explored her love of creative media. Ellie has been acting, making movies and designing and editing websites since she was in fourth grade. She loves working with kids and is excited to teach at Art Adventures NYC!

Nargiza Zohirova

Creative Writing Instructor

Nargiza is from Uzbekistan and is a rising senior at Edward R. Murrow High School. She loves to read, write and play tennis. Nargiza also enjoys learning about science and medicine. She believes that creative writing is important for children because it develops their logical and imaginative skills. She is a board member of the National Honors Society at her school and is the Vice President of the Women in Stem club. She enjoys working with and helping children.

Fiona Lawson

Creative Writing Instructor

Fiona is a rising sophmore in the screened art program at Edward R. Murrow High School. She has been writing and sharing stories ever since she could talk and has lived in Brooklyn for almost her entire life. Creative projects have practically been her best friend, and she loves to draw, create characters, bake, and spend time with her little brother and cousins. Some of her biggest inspirations have been her writing teachers, and she is so excited to fill that role and share her passion with kids this spring.

Juliana Sandler

Dance Instructor

Juliana is from Brooklyn and is a Freshman at Notre Dame School. She has been dancing since she was three, and her favorite styles are contemporary dance and hip-hop. Juliana can't wait to share her love of dance.

Clara Abassi

Dance Instructor

Clara is a rising junior at Edward R. Murrow High School and grew up in Brooklyn. She’s been dancing since Kindergarten and especially loves Hip-Hop. Clara is so excited to be a part of this wonderful community and can’t wait to have fun with kids!

Maya Davis

Head Outreach Coordinator

Maya is a dancer, choreographer, gymnast, and Brooklynite. She studied dance at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School for Music & Art. Now going onto Brown University. Outside of LaGuardia, Maya has trained and performed at the American Ballet Theatre, Peridance, Cobble Hill Ballet, and Gelsey Kirkland Academy. Although she loves all kinds of dance, she specializes in ballet, modern and hip-hop. She is so excited to share her love of dance.

Rukhshona Tolibova

Outreach Coordinator

Rukhshona studies at Edward R. Murrow High School. She loves journaling, reading books to children and spreading joy and happiness throughout the lives of kids. Rukhshona wants to help kids who love to express themselves through art, and she is dedicated to creating a wonderful and safe community.